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Larson & Holz – what does this broker offer traders?

Each person, when deciding to work with a brokerage company, first of all pays attention to the services that he can offer. The more services and services the company has, the more interest the future client has. But along with this, it is necessary not only to estimate the number of services, but also the quality of their performance. Today we will consider the brokerage company Larson & Holz. There are a lot of services in the company, but as mentioned earlier, quality is important. Therefore, we will analyze in detail the most pronounced trading decisions of the company.

No deposit trading account. This option allows the client to work for the money of Larson & Holz. But what is interesting, no deposit trading account does not imply the existence of own money on the balance sheet. What is the advantage of this service. First, the client, and later the trader, gets a unique opportunity to trade with zero risk. Only company funds are used in the work. Opening a no-deposit account, and connecting it to the trading terminal, the client receives at his disposal $ 100. That is, starting capital. Quite a decent start. At the very least, a trader can get the first experience of conducting trading operations without risk to himself. Naturally, creeps in doubt. After all, no broker will offer such a thing, and then 100 dollars. And without guarantees of profit. Other brokers do not, and Larson & Holz has it. Secondly, even if the trade failed, and the trader lost these $ 100, nothing will happen. No one will tell him anything for this, and he will not show an account. This is the uniqueness of this service. Thirdly, if a trader has earned a profit in excess of $ 100, it belongs to him. But here it is necessary to bear in mind that in three days, the financial department closes the no-deposit account. Therefore, the most important moment for this period is to obtain maximum profit. This business is not difficult, because you can trade in large lots. After all, in which case, we do not lose anything. Further, more interesting. Suppose, in three days the trading account will be closed. So what do you do? Three days after the closure of the no-deposit account, you can open a new one. The company Larson & Holz crypto provides the opportunity to use this service more than once. A new trading account opens, and the trade continues. In our opinion, a trader gets a unique opportunity to test his trading system on a real account. This is an important factor.

Binary options. Quite a popular direction of financial markets. But each broker, providing his clients with binary options, sets his own rules. This is the limit on the deposit. Limitation on the maximum and minimum interest. The timing of expiration for each broker is also different. But not restrictions are important for successful trading. The platform on which options are bought and sold is important. It’s no secret that most brokers provide a cut-down version of trading platforms. Several trading instruments, and several assets for trading. That’s all there is in such platforms. Larson & Holz provides the maximum number of assets and instruments. And what is characteristic is that you can trade options directly in MetaTrader4. This gives a clear advantage, as the standard set of the trading terminal includes many popular indicators, scripts, and even templates. This simplifies the work. And even more so, there is an opportunity to add your own development to the terminal. What are good binary options. The trader does not care how many points the price will take. Even one item, after the expiry date, brings profit. And only two options: higher or lower. Larson & Holz has introduced some changes to binary options, and now the trader can start with a demo account. Its size is 10 000 dollars. So there is potential for overclocking. As for expiration terms, the minimum period is 1 minute.

Classic Forex. The brokerage company Larson & Holz offers its clients classical trading accounts. Well, the combination of an acceptable spread with high liquidity guarantees instant execution of trading orders. Adding a system of bonuses to the general list, and it is present in classic accounts, the trader gets a lot. Bonuses provide an opportunity to reduce the load of a deposit in case of unfavorable trade. In the course of profitable trading, bonuses give tremendous potential for profit growth. So using the service – Classic Forex, the benefits are obvious. It should be noted that the broker periodically introduces improved changes to this service.

Trading accounts NDD and ECN. using this type of trading accounts, the trader is guaranteed a minimum spread, which is typical for scalping. And traders feel the difference, using this type. In addition, the trader receives instant execution of orders. But it must be remembered that NDD and ECN accounts do not participate in contests and bonus programs. This shortcoming is compensated by a narrow spread and high liquidity in all trading instruments. Most often used by traders who prefer algorithmic trading. The minimum deposit is only $ 300. At other brokers it makes not less than 1 000 dollars.

Training. The company Larson & Holz also excelled here. Novice traders will learn how to make trading a highly profitable business. A lot of videos on different topics. Starting with general knowledge, and ending with investment.

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