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The Amazing Features from Saxo’s Investment and Trading Platforms

Saxo Group has over the years helped to define the online trading business, combining modern technology and intuitive usability with the utmost reliability of a regulated financial institution.

Saxo continues to be recognized for moving the standards to a higher level, winning some of the industry’s major accolades. They also have the SaxoTraderPRO and SaxoTraderGO platforms that feature many investor-friendly capabilities allowing clients to invest their assets with them.

To the demanding traders who require the performance and flexibility of a professional trading environment to the investor who needs access on the go, Saxo has the right platforms to suit the needs of each and every clientele.

1.      SaxoTraderGO

This platform is mostly used by traders and investors since it’s an easy and powerful trading platform. SaxoTraderGO supports all of Saxo’s products and asset classes by being fast, reliable and easily available across multiple devices.

The platform is a web-based application that works on any PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone.

Features of SaxoTraderGO

It is an award-winning platform that enables one get fast and reliable access to over 35,000 instruments on their web-based account without any platform subscription fees.

Has Intuitive interface that places trades, manage orders and work from the charts in less clicks than ever and a streamlined navigation across a user-friendly work space

Wide product range to choose from, one can trade CFDs, forex, equities, options, futures and bonds that are available in this single multi-currency account.

Cross-device functionality to enable one conveniently trade on their desktops, laptops, tablet or mobile with the settings and preferences automatically synced between the devices.

The risk-management features

Clients can now enjoy these unique tools to help them manage the risks associated while controlling their positions.

·         Stop orders

Stop orders help traders to protect their positions from adverse market moves using trailing stops and stop-limit orders.

·         Margin breakdown

With margin breakdown one can easily monitor the marginalutility of each instrument.

·         Cancel all orders

When the trader sees the need to cancel all orders, or just those within a specific asset class all this can be done with only a few clicks.

·         Margin alerts

Margin alerts allows investors to set custom margin alerts by receiving pop-up and push-notifications

·         Quick-close positions

Here one can close all forex and CFD positions, or just those within a specific asset class in only two clicks.

·         Account shield

The account shield acts as a stop loss on the clients entire account value. If triggered, it liquidates all the open positions available.

2.      SaxoTraderPRO

This platform is the choice of most professional investors since it is easily downloadable and fully customizable, professional-grade platform for advanced traders. For those who are not experts, they may try out the demo trading account to gain an experience before investing on this platform.

SaxoTraderPRO offers an intuitive, multi-screen platform to Windows and Mac users who can now easily trade with over 35,000 instruments on this incredible trading platform

Feature of this platform include

·         Quick-close positions

It is very easy to close all the forex and CFD positions taken or just those within an asset class.

·         Custom workflows

There are dedicated charts, notifications, and trade modules available for each instrument of interest to help in the building of personalized workflows.

·         Margin utilization breakdown

Margin utilization breakdown enables the investor to monitor the margin utilization for each instrument.

·         Account shield

It acts as a stop loss on ones’ entire account value. If triggered, it can liquidate the platform’s open positions.

·         Order types

Order types protect your positions from the adverse market moves by putting related stops together with trades and orders.

·         Custom workflows

The platform combines all the necessary and dedicated charts, notifications, and trade modules for each instrument of interest in order to build personalized workflows.

·         It is Configurable across workstations

It saves multiple screen configurations for when one is working with more, or fewer, monitors than usual.

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