10 Useful Ways To Create Powerful Personal Brand


When you hear the names like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Sachin Tendulkar then next word which will come to your mind are Microsoft, Apple, cricket respectively. These men and other men like them have turned their name into a brand name. They are as popular as their corporations, their game. If you are in sales then creating your brand name is of prime importance because in sales a prospect or customer first see you and then your product.

If they know you are not just a common salesperson but a branded salesperson then first they will believe your own brand name and then they will also buy the product you are selling. If you see the entertainment industry you will hardly remember the name of production houses but you know the name of director or producer who is the maker of the movie. This happens because the director has created his brand name as a good movie maker, so now whenever he makes new movie people will line up to watch the movie.

Scientists, CEOs, Sportspersons, Actors, Magicians, Public speakers, Politicians, Authors all have their individual stand and recognition. Open your twitter account and check how many people follow those who created their brand name. If you are doing a regular job or starting new business, always remember you must work at the outset to create your brand name. Following are few ways which are helpful to make your brand name.

1) Book Your Own Domain Name

With growing population the world is lacking in different names, so there may be at least 10 people with same name as yours. First thing is to book www.yourname.com domain so that other people with same name as yours will not get this domain. If you have extra money then book all the domains like .net, .org and also book the domains of your company, your wife’s name, your kid’s name. With the more use of internet your name will also spread in the world.

2) Have Best Business Card

Your business card is actually customer’s point of contact for your business. When you give your business card to your prospect and if they don’t admire the design and quality of your business card, then redesign your card. Make sure that people does not forget your business card after you give it to them first time.

3) Be Expert, Innovative And Creative

There is lot of creativity yet to be revealed to the world, so take the step for doing the things with expertise and innovation. Old may be gold but new is diamond and diamond is rock solid and more admired than gold. Find new ways of doing things, find new solutions which will also make your team to believe in your decisions. Remember a creative person is highly respected personality everywhere.

4) Surprise Your Customer And Colleagues

Surprise your customer with best products and services. Surprise your colleagues with best perks and rewards for their work. Hide your intentions, do what is much unexpected but do only to pleasantly surprise the people and not the other way round. If you surprise people they will talk about you, they will discuss you like they discuss celebrities and they will remember you as a hero or role model. The fastest way to get popular is through word of mouth publicity.

5) Be A Strategist, Be A Planner

If you read the history you will notice the greatest warriors of all the time had best plan and strategy, that is why they outsmarted their enemies even if conditions were adverse. When the big corporations launch their new product they have the entire plan ready and they make sure that everything goes in accordance with the plan. If you will be the planner, it will also build your brand name as the most intelligent and important person of your company.

6) Make Contacts, Maintain Contacts

To be a brand name is to become popular and for popularity you need more people who know you. So never hesitate to meet new people, make them your customers, your friends but somehow make them remember you. Also take care of your old contacts, if you meet a new customer you should not forget your old customer. If you will keep your promises with your old customers they will refer your name to the new customers and your brand name will get build soon.

7) Take Responsibility And Then Take Credit

The world is making progress because of responsible people. Let it be a mother, father, son, soldier, CEO they all are playing their part to a good extent. If there is an important but difficult task to be accomplish, do not show doubt to accept it. Just take the responsibility of doing it and when it is done all the credit will come to you. If people reckon you to be main hand behind this successful task you make your brand name stronger.

8 ) Be An Impressive Communicator

There are very few people in the world who can communicate accurately. There are lots of good speakers but a good communicator is both speaker and listener. Be an authenticate speaker, speak only the truth with feelings and emotions. Your customer should wait eagerly for your speech, interview, and annual letter. Also listen to your clients, customers, team members so that you can make your name popular and respected.

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9) Use Media

The fastest way to create the brand name is through media and promotions. First do the excellent work and have the results and then let the world know about your achievement through newspaper, TV interviews, radio broadcast. The research says it requires only 5 to 8 images, advertisements for the people to remember you or your product.

10) Do Social Work

You are fortunate that God has given you the ability to make lot of money by running the corporations, but there are many less fortunate people in the world who struggle to fulfill even the basic needs. But these are those people who build your houses, roads, offices, hotels.

They work in the farm to produce the food, they clean your house and make your life more comfortable. So do not hesitate to share some part of your earnings with them. But do not pretend of doing the social work, your goodness should be pure without selfish reasons and your generosity will spread your name in community and will also set an example for others.

If you have started your business then you will be considered as the sole responsible person for any failures, no matter who makes mistakes. If Microsoft launches slow and defective operating system people blame Bill Gates and not the team of software professionals who built that operating system. But if your company makes a revolutionary product all the credit also comes to you. So take care of your name always, everywhere in any condition. First create your personal brand and then respect it, value it and honor it.

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