4 Crucial Tips For Financial Freedom


Everyone dreams to achieve financial freedom, but not many people know how to accomplish it. A thorough financial SWOT analysis often proves to be very helpful in this regard.

While you are doing a thorough review of your current financial situation, you must focus on identifying the risk factors (Threats), opportunities, your weaknesses and your strengths. The theoretical steps are very simple ones.

Achieving financial freedom is a 3-step process – you first have to understand where exactly you stand with your current finances; then, you can develop a plan accordingly to improve your condition; and third, you have to make sure that your plan is implemented thoroughly and monitored regularly. You will find the following tips for financial freedom very useful in this regard.

Determine The Risk Factors

The first thing that you have to do is to identify all those negative factors that are very much likely to derail you from your plan. Most of these factors are probably out of your control, but if you are aware of them and have a strategy to deal with the same, it will help you move ahead smoothly with your plan to achieve financial freedom.

Some common examples include a sudden unexpected increase in the rent (if you are a tenant) or a reduction in your credit limit. In order to minimize the impact of these unexpected threats on your financial plan, it is very important for you to implement certain strategies that should mitigate the same.

Look For Opportunities

Many times, the opportunities are knocking at your door, but you do not listen to them. Make sure you do not commit such mistakes anymore. You must always seek for new opportunities and must know how to make the best use of the same. Do a thorough brainstorming.

For example, if you come across a professional course that can help you enhance your educational qualifications that would eventually open up new promotional opportunities at job and would result in higher paycheck, you must consider pursuing that course. There are no reasons why you should not go for it, especially when such educational expenses are often 100% tax deductible.

Know Your Weaknesses

While you are looking for tips for financial freedom, you must also do a thorough analysis and try to identify your weaknesses. These are different from risk factors or threats that are out of your control. Your weaknesses can be a big hurdle in the success of your financial plan, but the good thing is that weaknesses often can be controlled, such as with strong determination and by implementing certain self improvement techniques.

The best way to do this is to note down all your weaknesses that are stopping you from accomplishing financial freedom on a notepad. For example, a very common weakness that the majority of people face is that they fail to maintain a decent emergency savings fund. If that is the case, you must work on proper budgeting.

Take Advantage Of Your Strengths

Most importantly, while you are working on the above tips for financial freedom, you must also identify your strengths and try to make the best use of the same. Note down all your strengths on a piece of paper, such as retirement savings, investment strategies and other such things.

When you work on these four tips of financial freedom and prepare your plan accordingly, you will find it very easy to implement the plan successfully.

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