Business Intelligence And Its Applications In A Business Set Up


Business intelligence is a oft-quoted term used by management wizards to help enterprises make better decisions that can be beneficial to the development of business. It consists of a broad category of applications each designed to make the maximum use of the available resources to help in establishing the purpose for which the business was established.

Business intelligence applications can be important to the operation of the enterprise either to achieve a specific requirement or it can be more centrally driven to achieve the objectives of the various departments of a business organization.

The key to success in a business enterprise is to be ahead of the competition. To be able to do that one must be able to take the right decisions at the appropriate time. Decisions in a business set up cannot be based on intuitions or guesswork as the risks are too high and one wrong step can result in disastrous consequences.

It is precisely for this reason that the use of business intelligence becomes important for any business plan. Making sound decisions based on analyzed and confirmed  facts and figures, using tools like data analysis and reporting can help any business arrive at correct decisions. Business intelligence is the process  which helps you gather accurate data, analyze them and help in using them in an appropriate form in various business strategies. This vastly minimizes the chances of error in the decision making process and helps the managers make decisions which are based on logic and reason.

Having a comprehensive written business intelligence idea can help help an organization overcome several hurdles in the process of developing and expanding operations. However, the biggest stumbling block to the deployment of business intelligence in an organization is the lack of user skills and absence of knowledge of proper application of the data available. What it essentially reflects is a big gap between awareness and application of business intelligence tools.

It is important to use these valuable business intelligence tools tactically rather than strategically. When used accurately and for the explicit purpose for which it is designed, it can definitely improve future business potential of any business organization.


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