Credit Restoration Services That Really Matter


If you are need financial help, from credit repair to retirement solutions, FDI offers first class services to everyone.  Their goal is to eliminate financial illiteracy and get financial freedom to all.  Sure there is a fee as with any services, but if like the results, you can refer their associates and get compensated for it.

Some of their services include CreditTRAX, designed to help you get back on track with settling your unsecured debts and improve your credit score.

 EquityTRAX will help you whether you are debt of $200 dollars or $2 million dollars and anything in between.  This system creates an all-inclusive plan showing you the day, month and year of each of the creditors that will be eliminated from your life.

LifeLock prevents your identity from being stolen before it ever happens.  This is the ultimate in identity theft protection and they guarantee their service up to $1,000,000 million dollars.  They also protect children’s identities.

Of course you can get credit restoration services elsewhere, but FDI offers all these services under one roof.  They also have a great compensation program for people you refer and their referrals too.

Credit Restoration Services That Really Matter

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