Five Steps In Using HDFC Internet Banking Facility

Five Steps In Using HDFC Internet Banking Facility


HDFC is one of the largest banks in India. It offers various services such as bank accounts, loans, mutual fund investments, online trading account to its customers and so on. Like every other bank HDFC bank also provides internet banking facility to its account holders.

Internet banking facility helps account holders to perform various banking transactions such as verification of account balance, transactions, transfer money, make online payments, open a fixed or recurring deposit and so on. To use internet banking facility provided by HDFC bank, every account holder is required to apply for the facility. Generally this option is available in the account opening form.

However, a request for availing internet banking facility can also be made by visiting bank’s branch. On approval of internet banking facility for an account holder, a unique customer id and password is generated which is mailed/couriered to the account holder at the mailing address provided in the application for internet banking facility.

Five Steps In Using HDFC Internet Banking Facility

Go To HDFC Bank Website

HDFC internet banking facility can be accessed by visiting HDFC bank website.

Select Relevant Option

On the home page of HDFC bank website, select the option “HDFC Net Banking” under the head “Login to your account”. After selecting this option, press “Login” button at the bottom of “Login to your account” box. This will open another window, where the user will have to click on “Continue” button to proceed further. This action will open another window (Net Banking) where the user will have to enter the relevant information to access his/her online account.

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Enter Information

User will have to enter his/her unique customer id and press “Continue” button to enter password on the next screen. In case wrong customer id is entered by the user, an error screen will get displayed. Password is also known as IPIN. User can enter his/her password either manually or by using the “Virtual Keyboard” available on the webpage.

In addition, every user is required to check “Please confirm your Secure Access Image and Message to login” checkbox and press “Login” button in the box. This is an additional security feature provided by HDFC bank to the users of online banking facility. In case account holder is using the online facility for the first time, he/she will be prompted to change the password.

View Account Details

An account holder can view his/her account level details by using the internet banking facility. He/She can verify the status of various checks issued by him/her, any deposits directly received in the account, any amount of interest earned on his/her account balance, amount of TDS deducted on interest income and so on.

It is important to note that funds can be transferred online only after obtaining the facility of right to transfer funds from the account. For this, account holder may have to submit another application with the bank.

Log Out

It is very important for every user to log out from his/her online account. This prevents misuse of bank account from unauthorized access and transactions.

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