Four Different Ways Of Locating An ATM


ATM has revolutionized the way of performing bank transactions. ATM can be used for various purposes, from simple cash withdrawal to deposit of checks and cash. The need to go to a bank for withdrawing small amount of cash has been completely eliminated with the advent of ATM.

Nowadays even a fixed deposit can be opened with the help of an ATM. With such kind of facilities, the importance of ATM in conducting bank transactions cannot be ignored.

ATM requires a debit card and a personal identification number (pin) normally provided to a customer after opening of a bank account.

To benefit from such services, you need to know the locations where ATMs of your particular bank are situated. It is quite possible that you may find an ATM at the same location where you have opened a bank account. But going to an ATM near your bank is just like visiting your bank only.

Hence, it is important to maintain a list of all ATMs in your particular state and also of any other state in case you are planning to travel.

Let us study Four Different Ways of Locating an ATM.

a)    Bank’s Website:

This is the easiest way to locate a bank’s ATM (provided you have an internet connection). You just need to go to the bank’s website and look for ATM locator tool. You need to enter basic information like the area in which you are looking for the ATM. Information may be required in the form of name of the state or city or pin/zipcode, or first few letters of the area for which details are required. This information works as a filter and provides you with the nearest possible details.

b)    Card Type:

ATMs can also be searched by using VISA or Mastercard locator tool. Card type is generally available on face of the card itself. Though it may not give specific information on your bank’s ATM, it may provide you with the list of all the ATMs of all the banks for the area specified by you in the search parameter.

c)   Search Engines:

Another online means of obtaining information on location of ATMs is to use search engine like google. You can use various key words like bank name along with ATM and area name. For Instance, use a combination like ABC bank ATM XYZ where ABC represents the bank name and XYZ represents the location. Even though this medium can be used to locate ATMs, information may not be perfectly accurate. Hence, it is advisable to confirm the location through other possible means.

d)    Customer Service/Care Numbers:

You may not have access to internet at all the times. Another option is to call on customer care numbers and ask them to provide you with relevant details. Obtaining information this way can be a lengthy process, but it is the only option in case you are travelling or don’t have access to internet. Hence, it is very important to store these customer care numbers in your mobile phone or in the telephone diary you frequently carry.

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