Four Steps In Checking PF Balance


Every salaried employee in India generally has “Contribution to Employee Provident Fund” as one of the components of his/her cost to the company. Employee provident fund is calculated on the basic salary of the employee. Some organizations contribute an equal amount for the benefit of the employee. For Instance, an employee working in ABC Company receives an amount of Rs. 10,000/- as basic salary. His contribution to employee provident fund at the rate of 12% would be Rs. 1,200/-.

If employer also contributes an equal amount, a total of Rs 2,400/- would be added to the employee’s provident fund account. It is important to note that an employee’s contribution to provident fund is eligible for saving purposes under section 80 C of the income tax act.

Employee provident fund accounts are maintained with Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) which comes under the Ministry of Labour and Employment (Government of India). EPFO has recently launched a facility of providing balance details through short messaging service (SMS).

Four Steps In Checking PF Balance

Enter Provident Fund Balance

Any provident fund member intending to check his/her provident fund account balance should enter “Provident Fund (PF) Balance” in any recognized search engine such as Google.

Click Relevant Link

After entering “Provident Fund (PF) Balance”, a list of search results will get displayed on the computer screen. Search and Click “Know Your EPF Balance – EPFO”. This link will take the member directly to “Know Your EPF Balance” page on EPFO website.

Read The Guidelines

On “Know Your EPF Balance” page, a series of steps under the head “Know Your EPF Balance” is available. It is important for each member to go through these steps in order to retrieve the EPF account balance. These steps basically outline the information that will have to be entered by a member in order to obtain the details on his/her account balance. Once all the steps have been understood, member should click “Click Here to know the balance” link which is available after the series of steps outlined on “Know Your EPF Balance” page.

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Enter Information

“Click Here to know the balance” link will take the member to another page where he/she will have to enter the required information as mentioned on “Know Your EPF Balance” page. This page is titled as “Member Balance Information”. It is important to note that EPF balance details can be obtained for around 114 EPF offices throughout India. Member should select the relevant state from the drop down “Choose Your State”.

On the basis of state selected by the member, a list of EPF offices will get displayed. Member should select the EPF office where his/her EPF account was opened and maintained. Once relevant office has been selected by the member, he/she will be required to enter the following details:

Employee PF Account Number

Name (member should enter the name as it appears in the EPF slip or normally on Salary Slip)
Mobile number on which details of the account balance will get delivered. After entering all the required information, member will have to select the checkbox “I Agree” and press “Submit” button. It is important to note that account balance will not get displayed online, but will be forwarded on the “Mobile Number” entered by the member.

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