Credit Letters


Filling Out Credit Repair Letters and Dispute Forms

The process of restoring your credit back to excellence involves submitting a series of credit repair letters in a proper sequence.  These letters are the key to getting results and will ultimately determine if you will get bad judgments erased from your credit score.

Submitting these credits forms incorrectly can actually do more harm than good.

Most people are not familiar with the process of fixing your credit.  They do a little research, write away for the required forms and submit these letter all wrong only to hurt their credit even further.  You certainly don’t want this to happen to you right?

When I was desperately trying to fix my own credit, this was one of the biggest problems I encountered.  I kept filling out one form after another and sending them in only to realize that it was lowering my score.  The information contained in these credit repair letter was incorrect and even worse, I was sending them out of sequence to the wrong credit agencies.

This was all quickly fixed when I made the decision to turn it all over to a company far more qualified than I was.  They handled everything for me and provided me with the results I wanted.

What seemed to be a difficult and frustrating task was made very easy once I realized their were experts far more experienced in fix credit problems than I was. My wife had tried to get me to do it at the start but my stubbornness pushed me ahead with dismal results until I turned it over to Lexington Law.

If you are trying to do it alone, do yourself a very big favor and turn it over the Lexington Law.  You want thank me many times over.

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Credit Letters

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