Credit Report Dispute


When Is It Time To File A Credit Report Dispute?

Did you know by law you can dispute bad credit claims placed on your report? 

While most people are unaware, you can dispute any information on your credit report with any agency and they have up to 30 days to respond.

While many don’t take the necessary steps to file the letters to the credit bureaus and agencies, those who realize that undisputed infractions can literally hold the back financially from getting loans are doing the smart thing by disputing inaccuracies listed on their reports and are having them removed.

The sooner you take action to remove errors from your reports the better your credit will be.  The process of disputing your credit report requires a few forms and letters to be sent to the credit bureaus detailing the nature of the complaint or dispute.  One a credit agency receives the credit dispute in writing by official postal mail, they are given 30 days to respond by law. 

If you think you have errors listed on your report that is affecting your rating, I recommend you dispute the information in your credit report as quickly as possible.  Sometime errors can be accidently inserted into your report as a typing error by one of the top three credit bureaus while others at the agencies may be misinformed.

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Credit Report Dispute

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