How to Cut Your Grocery Bill

How to Cut Your Grocery Bill


When the attention of the whole world is turning towards the rising prices of fuel, there is another domain where there has been a price rise too albeit quietly – groceries. People are trying to find ways to reduce the grocery bill without compromising on the quality and the quantity of the food.

There is common theory doing the rounds is that when you go for shopping always be on a full stomach. Chances are you will never buy products on impulse and it is also better to go to the market with a list in hand.

Make a list of all the items that you need and make sure that the list only contains the generic items. It is not necessary to go for the branded items. Most taste same as the higher priced branded items. For attractive offers and discounts always look out for the fliers and the store coupons that you  might get from time to time in the mailbox.

One way you can save money is by cutting do on the number of convenience foods. It is better if you can omit them all but if that is not possible than at least reduce the quantity. Remember the convenience foods constitute the bulk of your grocery bill. Secondly, always compare items. Don’t just blindly pick up a packet only to repent later for paying higher price.

If possible always buy from a farmer’s market or a wholesale market. You have no idea how much you can save by shopping in these places. While billing keep a close eye on the screen as the automatic scanners make a rare mistake and charge you more for a product. Always buy the products which are the ‘flavor of the season’. Non – seasonal food items and imported food items will burn a hole in your pocket.

I am pretty much sure that you pay a hefty amount every month for the fast foods. Why not take your lunch to work? You can save a lot. Even if you save 3$ per day, it means that in a year you are saving 720$. And lastly whenever and wherever possible but only the house brands.


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