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Today’s fast life has made us look for shortcuts for everything in life and we have lack of time to spend on everything and we want to make every task quick and easy and safely too be it banking or any other work. SO let us check out how safe is online banking and how can we make it safer for ourselves?How To Do Safe Online Banking

These days most banks give the service of online banking to their customers to save their time and hassle to travel to the bank and do any kind of cash transactions. Online banking is also known as Internet banking for which you just need a computer with an internet connection and your job is made easier. You just need some specific information and fulfil some criteria to start online banking. Like you should have some important information for example.

Active bank account with the bank
Balance in your bank account
Debit card number
Credit card number
User Id for customer
Bank Account number
Internet Banking PIN number
Password for the internet account

Benefits of Online banking

Customers do not have to stand in long lines and travel to the bank with internet banking. They can do online transactions anywhere with the help of internet and online banking account.

It is very easy to open and close an account with the help of online banking. There is no need of too much paper work with the help of internet banking you can easily open an account. Thus it saves your time too.

For banking transactions there is no need to visit the bank physically. Wherever there is internet you can easily make money transactions in your account with its help.

Online banking has helped in making long distance money transactions very quick and easy. So if you want to send money or transfer it to someone’s account you can easily do it with the help of internet banking.

Some problems associated with online banking

Since the online transactions are done with the help of internet so if the internet is slow or not working then it takes lot of time to transfer money to another account or doing any transaction is difficult.

If you commit any mistake while doing internet transaction it cannot be corrected by you. You have to give an application in the bank and only bank official can make the necessary changes in the account regarding the mistake .Getting an application processed in the bank takes a long time and is very tedious task too.

For internet banking you get user Id , Pin number and password from the bank and these are very crucial information which are required to do any kind of transaction in your online account . So if you lose any of these information’s then you will not be able to access your account. So you need to keep all these information’s handy all the time in order to do any kind of online banking.

If the password or the Pin number used is incorrect the account gets blocked as a security measure. Now in order to reactivate your account again you have to follow a long tedious procedure of giving an application in the bank, which can take long time and following these procedure will be a task in itself.

If these account related information falls in wrong hands then it could be misused and your account might get cleaned up of all the money. That is why online banking is considered unsafe because even a small mistake can do you a big harm.

There is risk of hacking also, some hackers hack the website and steal the data from the website. These hackers them misuse the account information and steal the money from the accounts too.

Ways to make internet Banking Safe

It is the responsibility of bank as well as the customers also to make online banking as safe as possible. If we keep some basic things in your mind and use our online account then we will never ever face any problem within the banking. Some tips for safe internet banking are listed below:

Never share your online account details with anyone. Never ever tell your account password or Pin number to anyone.

Never open your online account on a public computer or a cyber cafe. If somehow the account information gets stored on the public computer anyone can use it in a wrong way.

People who use laptops should not open their online account with public Wi-Fi connection, because this could lead to stealing of personal information related to your personal account.

Always keep the details of your online account in a safe place so that no one can use it for wrong purpose.

After using your online banking account always make sure that all the windows related to online banking are closed properly on the desktop because if any window with the information is left open it can be misused.

Always choose a password which is easier to remember and it should not be so easy that anyone could guess it. Moreover the password should be strong also.

Never ever open your account with the help of any link; this might lead to stealing of data from the site.

So if both the bank and the customer use the facilities of online banking smartly and with care then online banking are the safest and the easiest way to do account transactions. Internet banking not only saves time and money it also gives security to our bank account also if you are alert and conscious enough to use it smartly. So the thinking that it is not safe to use internet banking is completely wrong because it totally depends upon how you use your account.

Simple tricks can help in making money transactions easier and anytime and anywhere which cannot be done by going to the bank because banks are open for a limited time and you can do money transactions for a limited time. It takes a lot of time to go to the bank and stand in line and then do any kind of money transaction in your account. So if you take care of your important information related to your account the job is made simpler and easier.

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