How To Repair Credit In A Year

You can repair your credit in a year. The only thing to do is to pay your bills on time, every time. Do pay your bills on time for a few months. You will see improvement in credit score if you pay all your bills on time.

There are also a few simp le things to do after establishing your repayment history. Read on to find out more.

What Does Your Credit Report Do?

Your credit report has details of your financial history. It helps the creditors (not you). Your credit score tells the creditors if they can trust you with their money. if you have low credit score, the lenders will be hesitant lending to you. They will also charge you higher interest. If you have high credit score, the lenders will be happy lending to you. They will charge you low interest only. They know you are a good bet. From your credit report, they deduce you will repay your loan as promised.

In other words, a high credit score is the key to low interest loans. With high credit ratings, you will also qualify for low interest credit cards. Utility companies like internet service providers and mobile service providers will also require only very low security deposit from you.