Important Provisions Of Oregon Home Rental Law

Important Provisions Of Oregon Home Rental Law


In order to simplify the process of rental services offered by various individuals, different states may specify different laws and regulations. Such laws and regulations are established in order to secure the rights of tenants and to provide security to the landlords.

Important Provisions Of Oregon Home Rental Law

Let us discuss some Important Provisions Of Oregon Home Rental Law

Security Deposit

In order to ensure that the rented property is properly used by the tenants, landlords generally ask for a security in the form of a monetary deposit. There is no fixed limit on the amount of deposit. Landlord can ask for any amount irrespective of the amount of monthly rent, that is, the amount of deposit has no link with the amount of rent to be paid by the tenant on a monthly basis. Landlord is under no obligation to pay any interest on the amount of security given by the tenant.

Amount of security deposit can be adjusted against any amount of rent not paid by the tenant or against any damages caused by the tenant to the rented property. It is important to note that tenant is not liable to pay anything towards repairs that may arise out of normal wear and tear. The amount of security deposit is required to be returned to the tenant within 31 days from the day the property is vacated by the tenant.

Rights of the Tenant

In order to ensure privacy rights of the tenant, a landlord is required to give a notice of at least 24 hours before he/she can visit the property. However, there are certain exceptions to this requirement such as in case of any emergency, landlord can visit the property without giving any notice.

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Another right available to the tenant is that the property taken on rent should be safe with proper sanitary and should be free from pests. It is the responsibility of the landlord to ensure that proper repairs to the property are performed whenever a notice of any damage is given by the tenant. However, a tenant should ensure that damage is not due to improper usage of the property but because of normal wear and tear.

Rights of the Landlord

It is the right of the landlord to receive rent on a monthly basis on or before the date specified in the agreement. At the same time, landlord has the right to adjust or retain the amount of security deposited by the tenant in case there is significant damage to the property (which is not due to normal wear and tear). In case, rent is overdue by 7 days, landlord can give a written notice to the tenant indicating his/her intention to terminate the agreement in case rent is not paid within 72 hours. A period of 144 hours can also be given when rent is overdue by 5 days. An eviction notice of 24 hours can also be given by the landlord in case tenant has caused a serious damage to the property, in case tenant’s actions have caused an injury to other people living on the property and so on.


In case property has been rented on a month to month basis, a written notice of 30 days by any party (landlord or tenant) to the other party is sufficient enough to terminate the tenancy.


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