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One of the easiest and most convenient methods to earn money is by investing in the stock market. However, investing in shares can be a tricky concept. In technical terms, one must always look into the computer screen or any sort of digital device for monitoring the trends of the market.

Everything has its fair share of good and bad when compared to other things related to it. Such is also the case with the share market as there are trends which results in the boom or slump of share value.

Thus there is a need for online stock trading platforms such as that helps the interested investor to gain vital information about the market and the upcoming shares. When it comes to investment, we are forced to ask certain fundamental questions.

Is Google the best Finance Alternative?

The answer to the question is in fact, a No!

Projects such as are helping investors in a significant manner and in turn, are setting new standards in the industry.

Some of the features of this premium website have been mentioned below:

  • As this finance project is fundamentally new, it attracts more investors. The neat features of this project make it unique. This website contains all the good things from the old google finance and yahoo finance. Moreover, the site is free of ads.
  • One of the features of includes Recently Viewed Sticks which allows you to share the recently viewed watch lists. For instance, if someone follows another individual’s watch list, then he will be notified if an update is posted on the watch list. Another unique feature is that it has a discovery section which shows a lot of technical indicators.
  • Also, you can share your watch list with your friends. This will help you to gain the opinion and insight of your colleagues before you make the decision of investment. This way you can multiply your profits by collaborating with others.
  • Tools that offers are based around technical signals which allows you to track new stocks that follows a bullish trend. This way you will never miss out on potentially profitable stocks.

Thus, seeking assistance from such premium websites will not only keep you informed about the market but will also help you to zero in on your final investment. It is imperative to know when to pull the trigger and websites such as provides you with the perfect platform where you can multiply your finances by making smart investment decisions.

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