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The advancement of technology has led to reform of the trading industry. It left trading floors behind, to be largely replaced with online trading platforms, as top trader choice. Olympus Markets is one of the most prominent examples of such: well-known, trusted and boasting a long record of satisfied customers. A brand that has paved the way, and helped numerous traders rise above their trading game.


Olympus never stands still and understands the importance of comfort in a modern society.  You can use your desktop, phone or tablet to trade the 200+ assets, CFDs and commodities on the go.  A friendly user interface makes trading not only a way to make profit, but also a whole pleasant journey, which doesn’t disrupt your schedule.


Olympus markets gives every trader access to financial news from all around the globe. News are an essential part of the fundamental analysis that guides traders to the right trading choices, which is why Olympus makes sure its customers are always up-to-date.

Staying on top of the situation is made even easier with Olympus’ trading academy, filled with e-books, videos and live webinars. Priding itself in its own Chief Market Analyst with over 20 years of experience, Olympus is set out to make sure its traders are always most-informed, and hence, most successful.

Live Online quotes

Live  online quotes from Olympus allow traders, investors, buyers and sellers to see actual prices of real-life securities, be it Forex or CFDs.  These play  a significant role in helping traders make profits and avoid losses.

Trading robots and technical indicators

Trading robots and technical indicators are what ensures the automated process of the site, making trading with Olympus efficient. The use of robots ensures that prices and online quotes are always well analyzed, minus the human factor.  Markets are ever-changing, and the mastery of predicting the next fluctuation is the root of successful trading. Expert Advisors ensure that trading operations run smoothly with error-free calculation, while technical indicators allow users to access all asset, stock or currency history, and make their decisions accordingly.

Interactive charts

Olympus Markets’live charts further help traders keep track of live and real-time exchange rates all around the world. The interactive presentation (also available on mobile devices) provides for all information in a clear and concise manner, at the touch of a button.

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