Planning for Early Retirement & Tips on Planning Your Retirement Happy


Are you planning to retire early to enjoy the rest of your life without the hassle of waking up to work every morning? But it can be very hard to take in an early retirement, especially when it is not a choice that you have made.

It can be traumatising to know that your services are no longer required by your employer. Health and family can also force you into early retirement. Whatever the reason, you need to develop a good retirement plan to get the desired results.In order to get the most out of your early retirement plan, follow these tips;

Start with a proper budget: With budgeting, you can determine exactly how much you would need to put in to save for your retirement. The amount you contribute to 401(k) would depend on your age. The younger you are, the lesser you will have to put aside. Try to contribute the maximum amount of money allowed in the IRS program.

Use saving facilities: There are various banks and financial institutions that offer several options to people who are saving for retirement. You can select a savings method that is designed to meet your needs. A good rule is to invest in markets that can deliver long-term returns.

Contribute as much as your employer: Your employer will usually give 50 cents for each dollar from you, and probably close to 6% of your income. Make it a point to give a full match to the 401(k) from your side as well.Max out your 401(k): When you make maximum contributions to 401(k), you will end up reducing your income tax liabilities and saving more.

Find out some way to have an income: This is the best way to avoid any stress of taking an early retirement. Even if you have saved enough money for the next 10 years, you would still need to support yourself and your family after those years. So look for jobs that you can do – start a business, do part-time jobs.

Having financial security will help you be better equipped to face the challenges that an early retirement will throw at you. So start planning and save as early as possible – the decision to retire early maybe easy, but life beyond retirement is a totally different ball game.


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