The Multiple Benefits That A Rented House Can Offer


Who does not dream of own house where everything is according to your personal taste, but it is difficult to buy a house in metros as the property rates are sky high, so mainly the service class opts for a house on rent which they can choose according to their taste and within budget too.

A rented house of your choice is easily available and there is no such pressure of paying heavy instalments like you have to pay for buying a house of your own. In a survey conducted by a Real estate advisory firm Century 21 it is found that some professionals who are young and belong to specific fields are not interested in buying their own house. Youngsters working in the field of Media, Finance, advertising and IT etc.

Either switch their job very quickly or change jobs very quickly so they do not plan to buy a house of their own, they always prefer a rented house. So instead of buying a house in NCR they opt for renting a house in posh area of the city where they can spend their life in style.

Some feel that they want to stay near their office and they believe that the house should be near all the amenities and recreational facilities so they prefer the central location. Some youngsters do not want to fall in the vicious circle of paying installment for buying a house, they want to live life king size by enjoying whatever they earn and not want to pay major chunk of their salaries in home loan.

Reasons why rented house is preferred

House near office

Some working professionals or rather most of them prefer a house near to their office so that they can save upon the travelling time. The reason being the traffic glitches in metro cities where they will end up spending around 1-2 hours in travelling only due to huge traffic on the roads. So they do not mind paying a bit more for rent and stay near their office. They sometimes get attached to the locality they live in. Such people also prefer to buy properties in their native places which are small B-grade cities to towns where the property rates are nominal and increasing too.

Best part of rented house

Change house if do not like location

Many times after buying the house we get to know about the negatives attached with the house which are generally not told by the selling party or the property broker. But it is not easy to sell it off so soon, in that case if it is a rented house and you are not satisfied with the locality or house you can always choose to shift or relocate. If you get to know that there is no sunshine available in your house then you can easily plan to shift to a new house but in case of buying the house there is no possibility of doing so.

Transferable job is not a problem

Be it a private or government job everyone gets transferred from one place to the other and in such case it is very difficult for all those people who have a house of their own, because in new city they have to live in a rented house leaving their house. Then since you have been staying in your own house all the furniture and things are according to your liking and use, but if your get a smaller house in the other place on rent  then adjusting so much furniture is a tough task for you. In case of people who live in rented house buy lesser furniture or use the same furniture for years together by just getting it renovated , while in case of your own house you want the best furniture so you do not mind paying money for the best furniture.

Saves travelling time to the office

Travelling all the way from the office to the house which is situated very far away from the office is a task in itself due to traffic jams and long roads. So people who live in rented house have a choice to stay near office and save the travelling time and save energy too. This saves the petrol expenditure and saves you from travelling stress etc.

Saves from huge monthly instalments

If you will buy a house then major chunk of your salary will go in paying the instalment for the home loan you will take. While in case of rented house you can pay the rent and save rest of the money or invest it in some financial products for good returns in future. The rising rates of home or property loan have made the instalments of the house loans very hefty while in case of rented house you can choose how much rent you are willing to pay without affecting your monthly budget and savings.

No tension of maintenance

Since the house you have rented is not yours so all the maintenance of the house will be taken care of by the house owner only. Every small breakage or problem in the house has to be handled and taken care of by the landlord only. Any kind of problem in the house or in the society has to be handled by the landlord only.

In your house you plan to get it painted every year, while if it is a rented house then you will not plan to do so, because you know that it is landlords head ache and he will take care of it. Sometimes you want a house with wood work or cupboards in the house or in that case any kind of facility that you want you can easily get in a rented house by looking for a house which is well equipped with all the facilities you are looking for.

But in case of your won house you will have to do it on your own. After going through all these benefits associated with a house on rent don’t you think it is a better deal to go for a rented house than buying a one of your own and save money?

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