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The Nightmare After Christmas

I’m pretty sure you’re all familiar with the popular Tim Burton flick “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” After all, who doesn’t like grouchy dead man Jack Skelington? But to all you poor fellas who have not seen the classic Christmas film, this movie talks about how our main protagonist (or should I say antagonist?) Jack, plots to ruin Christmas for reasons that are very childish. For one, he simply dislikes seeing people acting all marry – him being a classic Halloween skeleton and all. And two, he doesn’t like how Santa’s getting all the attention.

Yep, Jack is just a whiny little brat craving some love. And so, he stole Christmas – and almost ruined it for everybody. Thankfully, however, he had a change of heart.

Sorry for the big spoiler guys. But c’mon, the movie aired two decades ago. It’s about time you know about it. I still suggest you watch it though. Invite the rest of the gang and fam for a movie night this yuletide season. Anyway, back to the point I was trying to make.

While the iconic Jack Skelington movie definitely hit the Christmas charts, a more astounding (and alarming) matter is at hand – a matter I like to call “The Nightmare AFTER Christmas.” When everyone’s on a cheery holiday mood, things can get a little out of hand. With all the preparations for Christmas, people tend to see things with little foresight. Hustling and bustling all around the city, people never forget to make the occasion feel extra special. Lights are hung, trees are decorated, and houses are designed especially to give off that warm Christmas vibe.

After Christmas, however, the storm hits. And it sure is a real nightmare.

Did you know that on an annual basis according to Serenata, the UK averages 227,000 miles on wrapping paper alone? That’s a whole landfill of trash! Well, kind of. But to think that such a large heap of waste materials can accumulate over the span of a single month – it’s alarming, really. Although there is no harm in trying to keep everything and everyone as happy as possible during this joyous season, we must also take time to reflect on the actions we take. After all, everything starts and ends with us.

After Christmas, how will I take care of all my trash?

After Christmas, what will I do with all my holiday decorations?

After Christmas, how am I going to dispose of holiday items I don’t need anymore?

Christmas waste has always been an issue – it’s just that no one seems to bother with it. But let me remind you of one very important thing: Christmas would be non-existent in a world that is deadly hazardous. In due time, we’ll run out of places to dump garbage in. And even if we don’t, I think Mother Nature will give up on us before we can even find a solution to anything.

Be responsible for this Christmas season and think of ways to minimize waste. Other than that, happy holidays!

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The Nightmare After Christmas

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