Three Different Methods Of Checking Debit Card Balance


Debit card is a facility provided by a bank to its account holders. Basic objective behind issuing a debit card is to provide extra convenience to the account holders in performing various banking related transactions. Moreover, debit card can also be used for making payments at retail outlets.

Debit card is linked to the bank account of an individual. Any transaction performed with a debit card results in an automatic reduction in the account balance. For Instance, an individual may have $ 10,000 in his bank account. He uses his debit card to withdraw an amount of $ 500. As a result of this transaction, balance in his bank account would reduce to $ 9,500.

Over past few years, the importance of debit card has increased tremendously. Nowadays, people prefer to use debit card for most of their purchases and payments. Since debit card is directly linked to the bank account, it is important for every account holder to check the balance available in the bank account at regular intervals. Unlike a credit card, debit card has no limit, even though there may be certain restrictions on the maximum amount of cash that can be withdrawn by using the debit card.

Three Different Methods Of Checking Debit Card Balance

ATM Machines

Debit card is frequently used by the account holder at ATM machines. After performing each transaction at an ATM machine, account holder can request for a receipt containing details on the account balance. In case receipt is not required, account balance can also be checked on the ATM screen by selecting “Balance Inquiry” option.

For Instance, an individual may have withdrawn an amount of $ 1,000 using his debit card. He is not sure on the amount of balance that is available in the account after this transaction. He can use the “Balance Inquiry” option on the ATM screen to ascertain the amount of money left in his account.

SMS Facility

Most of the banks provide a facility of an automatic sms in case of any transaction in the bank account. This sms facility gives a real time update on the account balance.  For availing this facility, account holders are required to register their mobile numbers with their respective banks.

For instance, in case a cash withdrawal is made by the account holder using the debit card at an ATM machine, an instant message on the amount of transaction and account balance will get delivered on the registered mobile number of the account holder.

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Online Balance Confirmation

Every account holder can enroll for internet banking facility provided by the bank. It is important to note that balance available in the bank account is the maximum amount that can be used by the account holder at any point of time. An account holder can continue to perform transactions with his/her debit card till the time there is sufficient balance in the account. Internet banking facility requires a unique identification number/user name and password.

In some cases, debit card number is used as the identification number for accessing account details through internet banking facility. Internet banking is a commonly used method to obtain information on various banking transactions. The amount available in the bank account will automatically represent the balance on the debit card.

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