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What are the present and future of the Labor market of Germany?

In recent years, Germany has become a very attractive labor market for foreigners. With a constantly declining unemployment rate and an economy that is rapidly recovering from the economic crisis of 2009, it is no longer difficult for foreign citizens to find work in Germany. Its industrial production in constant growth, its large amount of exports worldwide, and the quality working conditions make Germany remain an attractive destination for those who wish to start or continue their career abroad.

Good to know

The unemployment rate is around 5.7% of the active population in Germany and mainly affects the rural areas and the eastern regions of the country. Major German cities such as Berlin, Munich or Frankfurt centralize most economic activities and a large part of industry and services.

The Labor market Germany 2019 is quite open to qualified foreign workers and its unemployment rate is steadily declining. It is also a European economic leader. Most job opportunities arise in southern Germany, in Banden, Bavaria and Wurttemberg – specifically in the city like Munich and Stuttgart, as well as Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan city and Frankfurt area.

Employment opportunities in Germany

In most fields, fluency in German is essential to find employment in the country, unless you work for a multinational, in agriculture or in an unskilled job. The perfect job opportunities can be founded in the services sector, health and social services and industry.Basic-skilled or part-time jobs or on roll student jobs are known as Mini-job. It has a monthly wages of 450 euros approximately. This is why often it is called 450 Euro job. Indeed, these are part-time jobs exempt from income tax. It can be a great opportunity to start in Germany while improving your language level.

Working conditions in Germany

Regarding working conditions, working hours are legally established in a maximum of 48 hours a week. Collective labor agreements in German companies can reduce working time from 35 to 40 hours per week. Most full-time positions are 40 hours a week. However, Germans work an average of 41.4 hours a week.German employees benefit from a minimum of 24 days of vacation per year, not including holidays and weekends, but most employees also enjoy additional vacation days specified in their employment contract or agreements collective. They are often offered 30 days holidays in a year.

Good to know the status

The German job market can be quite traditional. Most companies have a very hierarchical structure, with clearly defined roles and decision processes. In Germany there is no minimum wage per hours, each company establishes its own scales.  In terms of employment, Germany is a country where 74% of the population has a paid job, against a rate of 2.2% of unemployed. But, not only is there a lower rate of unemployment, but working conditions are better than in many other countries, since only 5% of workers have a long workday.

Germany has high standards of well-being in general. Of course, employment and its conditions could not be absent.

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What are the present and future of the Labor market of Germany?

In recent years, Germany has become a very attractive labor market ...