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Which Is the Best GST Billing Software?

GST billing software is very much in use today because the computation of complicated and cascaded indirect taxes is not too easy. A good GST software reduces your burden of calculation and analysis and performs everything by itself. However, the accuracy and perfection with which it does is something that is dependent on your choice alone. Therefore, before choosing a GST billing software, read on to know your options for the best GST billing software.

     1. Tally

Tally is the best economical software used for invoicing and payroll processing. Designed initially for accountants, it is a little tough for businesses to use because it doesn’t really contain any business-specific feature. The most important fact about Tally is that it is an offline software tool and does not need internet connection to work. You have to import and export data to and from the database of Tally after which it can perform the action. Tally allows you to add more than one company but becomes really expensive for more than one user. It is priced at INR 20,000 for single user and INR 65,000 for multiple users. Also, Tally charges you 25% for its upgrades.

     2. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is the second most popular GST software in India. It provides a free trial of 30 days for new users. It is also an accounting software, which is marketed and developed by Intuit. It is the only tool that offers mobile support and even cloud support to its users. QuickBooks is not prone to virus attacks and doesn’t lose data in case the hard drive crashes. QuickBooks performs functions like expense management, inventory management and payroll services.

     3. GEN-GST

This GST software doesn’t need Internet connection to generate GST returns. It needs to extract data from other accounting software for use because it works offline. It is priced at INR 5000. It is susceptible to various virus attacks and doesn’t contain any business or accounting features. It is suitable to be used by accountants and it also charges for updates.

     4. ClearTax

ClearTax is a very good option because it provides you online video courses to learn the tool and also helps you in discovering your clients. It is cloud-based and ensures that you don’t make mistakes or lose any data. It aids in preparing GST bills and also in filing GST returns. ClearTax, just like QuickBooks, allows you for a free trial before paying to use it permanently.

     5. ProfitBooks

ProfitBooks is an online accounting software popular in India. It offers 3 plans:

  • For payroll management, it offers Professional Plan
  • For managing inventory, it offers Plus Plan
  • For basic accounting, it offers Essential Plan

You can decide the right plan based on your requirements. It is supposed to have very high customer ratings.

Hope that after going through so many options, you would have got at least an idea about the top GST billing software options available online and offline. Now it is your decision to pick any one of them wisely. All of the mentioned tools have something in specialty and you just need to check whether that caters to your business needs or not. Of course, it is going to take time to learn and analyse, but once you get it, you are free to launch the tool and improve business.

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